Conduit is the world’s first decentralized quantum cloud-computing initiative from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Developing the AirBnB for computing, we will make quantum computing available to the world.

We are founded by the first MIT-trained quantum computing engineer.


Decentralized quantum computing harnesses the world’s extra computing power to build a virtual quantum computer on the cloud.

No servers + quantum mechanics = unlimited cloud services.

Cloud services market is on-track to DOUBLE by 2020 from 2016.

Nearly 50% of earth is online and increasing penetration will strain INFLEXIBLE, WEAK SYSTEMS and challenge global RESOURCE AVAILABILITY.

Players are rushing to quantum computing market, but are developing INCOMPLETE, EXPENSIVE solutions.


  • Unlimited quantum computing power across our proprietary network
  • Scalable and flexible services providing the right amount of capacity at the right time
  • Unparalleled security for users and resource provider
  • Broader accessibility through low cost and easy-to-use interfaces
  • Passionate, capable team supported by world-class advisors and academics

Conduit is one of the only MIT-led blockchain companies. In addition to working with MIT Labs specialized in advanced matrix techniques, Conduit reduced the computing time by a factor of 10.

We have helped Keaton Consulting clients to consult and assist on migrating to the cloud and using our software to save money and a headache. After our work, they increased their efficiency at work.

Partnering with WorkBar, we provide cloud computing to over 7 locations and over 2000 startups. Conduit has partnered with shared workspaces such as WorkBar.

Working with the Broad Institute, one of the largest research companies in the world partnered with Harvard and MIT, Conduit has provided computers used from protein folding to neural nets.

We are working closely with Spherity to help power the 4th industrial revolution. Spherity builds decentralized applications to empower secure value and data exchange among people, devices, and software.

Team Members

Members of our team have developed technology for:

Board of Advisors

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Road Map


Conduit will begin accelerating product development by utilizing Agile Development. Conduit’s API development will coincide with the early growth of Conduit Meetups to organize and engage Conduit’s community. With Conduit already tested across a thousand computers testing will scale to over 50,000 computers.


Conduit will expand functionality with special focus on key algorithms in AI as well as cryptocurrency mining. Conduit will expand strategic partnerships with workspaces with workspaces, software studios, and other blockchain-based companies.


Conduit will have expanded our meetup presence internationally, finished testing across 100,000 computers internationally and user tested our newest UI design. Beginning in 2019, Conduit will begin installing global tech support bases to ensure 24/7 customer support.


Conduit will have finished the VMware component of the software’s product development and tested for over 1 million computers.


will begin Conduit’s initial product release advertising in addition to a complete performance analysis and a limited beta release to the Conduit Community.


Conduit will use the feedback from the beta release to improve the software while commencing full scale product advertising for the product release later in Q3.